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Data driven solutions to fill your sales funnel.

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BDR-as-a-Service programs purpose built for success.

Our BDR-as-a-Service programs are designed to drive success by leveraging data-driven methods. Our dedicated business development team will assist you in generating a higher volume of leads by strategically targeting companies that display a heightened interest and buying signals for your products and services. Through the implementation of relevant and timely messaging, we can give your business a distinct competitive advantage in the market.

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How We Do It

Our proven methodology for consistent success.

A BDR (business development representative) employs a series of targeted outreach efforts, known as a sales cadence, to connect with potential customers. This may involve sending personalized emails, making phone calls, or sending messages through social media. The purpose of this process is to pique the interest of potential prospects and secure a meeting with them. When implemented effectively, a BDR sales cadence can be a valuable tool in generating new leads and closing more sales


Step 1: Identify prospects coming to your website

With a reverse IP look-up, you can identify potential prospects coming to your website. You get the number of visits and pages viewed right down to how long they spent on each page or section!

Step 2: Identify prospects showing buyer intent signals

Buyer Intent data provides insights on online consumption of particular topics by organization. BDRs prioritize outreach to increase the likelihood that their messages are heard and ultimately lead to a sales conversation.

Step 3: Deploy multi-channel outreach

Our recommended technology stack will enable your BDR to find the right contacts and the best companies to outbound into leveraging email, phone and LinkedIn to get your message seen and ideally start a conversation.

Step 4: Initiate warm introduction to client

After your BDR has established bi-directional communication and a sales cycle is imminent, we'll work to formalize a warm handoff and knowledge transfer so your sales team does not miss a beat.

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