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3 min read

New AI Chatbot ‘Gpt2-chatbot’ Stirs Speculation

The newly introduced AI chatbot, Gpt2-chatbot, has generated significant speculation about its potential to rival OpenAI’s GPT-4. Its advanced...

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hubspot and google merger

3 min read

Alphabet’s Potential Acquisition of HubSpot Sparks Speculation

Alphabet’s potential acquisition of HubSpot has ignited widespread speculation in the tech industry. This move aims to enhance Alphabet’s cloud...

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Smithdigital g2 spring award 2024

2 min read

SmithDigital Shines in G2 Spring 2024 Awards

SmithDigital users give us a 5 out of 5 stars on G2, the largest and most trusted software & professional service marketplace. SmithDigital is proud...

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Google core update

4 min read

Google's Core Update: Initial Thoughts and Potential Impact

Could Google's latest core update be a game-changer for SEO, highlighting the significance of "helpful content"? This transformative shift...

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ERP software lead Generation tactics

16 min read

Effective Strategies for ERP Software Lead Generation

If you are an ERP Value Added Reseller (VAR), you understand the challenges of generating leads for ERP software and professional services,...

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Inbound marketing

7 min read

Storytelling Techniques: 7 Keys to Engage Your Audience in Inbound Marketing

Imagine if every piece of content you encountered felt like it was crafted just for you, addressing your deepest needs and aspirations. This isn't a...

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SEO page Speed

6 min read

4 Key Strategies to Improve Website Page Speed and SEO

Did you know that a mere 1-second delay in your website's load time can skyrocket the likelihood of a visitor leaving by 32%? In the highly...

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openai Sora

2 min read

OpenAI's Sora: A Significant Leap in Video Generation

OpenAI's Sora represents a turning point in video generation, making it possible to produce film-quality content quickly. With its advanced...

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Email marketing

4 min read

Email Marketing Shake-Up: Prepare for Stricter Authentication Requirements in Feb 2024

In recent developments, email marketers are facing a new set of challenges as industry giants Google and Yahoo tighten their policies on bulk...

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guest posting

5 min read

Boosting Your Domain Authority: The Power of Guest Posting

In today's highly competitive digital landscape, organic search traffic is invaluable for driving visits and conversions to your website. Ranking...

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